From Russia with love for nature

Ekko Hvoee is engaged in wholesales of environmentally friendly finished products and raw materials made in Russia. We follow the development of new technologies and cooperate with leading research institutes so that our range includes only high quality products. Our products are made from environmentally friendly, modern and safe materials that are recyclable. We follow trends in design and innovation, which allows us to create unique offers for our clients.

Paper utensils, bags, napkins and cutlery made of wood fiber or cornstarch - all products are made with care for the world, the environment and health.

In order to be closer to the customer, we organize the delivery of our products from Russia to any of your ports by ourselves. This is how we make the best Russian goods and raw materials available to the whole world.

All products are made in Russia from environmentally friendly materials
Quality assurance of all manufactured products
Delivery to all ports of the world
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